Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday 11/19: Poetry Readings @ Project Lodge and Avol's Books

Matt Hart (photo via)
Fans of poetry readings take note: there are at least two different poetry readings happening tonight.  At 6pm, head over to Avol's Books (315 W. Gorham St.) to check out the latest installment of the ____-Shaped Reading Series, featuring Mary Austin Speaker, Chris Martin, and Sarah Fox.

If that's too early for you, head over to the Project Lodge at 7:30pm to hear Nate Slawson, Matt Hart, Kara Candito, Sean Bishop & Rebecca Hazelton read their work.  More information here.

Both are free.  You can even check out both readings.  Yeah!

Avol's Books. 315 W. Gorham St. 6pm.
Project Lodge. 821 E. Johnson St. 7:30pm.

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  1. who knew the dude from coldplay could write poetry