Wednesday, August 31, 2011

THE ROOM showing at Union South this weekend; DUM DUM GIRLS release new track

Tommy Wiseau, from The Room

The bizarre post-camp anti-masterpiece The Room is showing at Union South this weekend, at midnight on both Friday and Saturday nights. If you don't know what The Room is, I recommend reading this excellent Harper's article by Tom Bissell (subscribers only, sorry!), which I think does a great job of pinpointing why this awful cheap movie is so critically interesting, not to mention enjoyable to watch.

From the article:
"He tried to make a conventional film and would end up with something so inexplicable and casually surreal that no practicing surrealist could ever convincingly ape its form, except by exact imitation. It is the movie that an alien who has never seen a movie might make after having movies thoroughly explained to him."
Dum Dum Girls

Also, there's a new Dum Dum Girls track out from their soon-to-be-released album, Only in Dreams. Pretty excited to see these gals when they come to the High Noon Saloon in Madison on October 13th.

MP3: Dum Dum Girls: "Bedroom Eyes"

Amazing clip from The Room ("Let's play football!") after the jump...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The Cinematheque returns this Friday with a new series spotlighting the iconic film director Nicholas Ray. Opening day is a double feature: the pulpy police-noir thriller On Dangerous Ground, followed by Ray’s most famous film, credited with “giving birth to the contemporary concept of an American teenager,” Rebel without a Cause.

We’re stoked.

Friday, September 2nd. 4070 Vilas Hall. 821 University Avenue. 7pm. Free.

More about the Cinematheque's Ray retrospective here.

Trailers and clips after the jump...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Bawku West Collective Vol. 1 for sale on Bandcamp, recorded and mixed by Luke Bassuener of ASUMAYA

Saka Boys, part of the Bawku West Collective

Luke Basseuner, the man behind the excellent Madison band Asumaya, has recorded and mixed a collection of traditional music from the Upper East Region of Ghana. The whole thing is for sale on Bandcamp, and all proceeds go to the musicians and their families. Check it out––it’s awesome.

More about the Bawku West Collective here.

Songs after the jump...

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Icarus Himself

After seeing Lyrics Born tonight at the Orton Park Festival (see previous post), everyone should take the short walk on over to Mickey's Tavern, where Madison indie-rock stalwarts Icarus Himself will be opening for Squarewave.

Mickey's Tavern. 1524 Williamson Street. 10:30pm. FREE.

Zola Jesus

Zola Jesus has a couple of new live-in-studio tracks up on Daytrotter. This news is actually a week old, but I just got around to listening to the songs and thought it was neat to hear this band without so many layers of production.

Also, just FYI, all of Madison's red public bicycles are free to rent all weekend. Society rules!

NEW SONG by Icarus Himself after the jump...

Friday, August 26, 2011


Peter Bjorn & John

Peter Bjorn & John, the doyens of Swedish indie-flavored dance-pop, are playing tonight at The Majestic, or rather are playing tonight outside The Majestic, in the street presumably. In any case, it's one of the last big free shows of the summer (school starts next week, all you idiots in school!), so everyone should bring their dancing shoes.

W/ JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound, DJ Nick Nice. The Majestic. 115 King Street. 7pm. FREE.

A newish, musically-representative track by PB&J after the jump...

Thursday, August 25, 2011


(photo via)


Release the Sunbird, Blessed Feathers @ East Side Club. 6pm. $10. (1 free beer included with admission.)

Jucifer, Dead Rider, and Sinking Suns @ The Frequency, 9:30 p.m. 18+ $7.

Noise and Resistance documentary @ Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative. 426 W. Gilman St. 7pm. $1-$10.


Peter Bjorn and John, JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound, DJ Nick Nice @ The Majestic. 7pm. Free.


Lyrics Born, Great Lake Swimmers @ Orton Park Fest. 6pm-10pm. Free.

Squarewave, Icarus Himself @ Mickey's Tavern. 10:30pm. Free.


The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari
w/ Live, Improvised Score. @ James Madison Park. 614 E. Gorham Street. 8:30 pm. Free.

Czarbles, Full Vinyl Treatment @High Noon Saloon. 21+. 8pm. $5.

Did I miss anything?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fri 8/26 - Sun 8/28: Orton Park Fest @ Orton Park

Lyrics Born
This weekend the Orton Park Festival returns with notable headliners including world-renowned Bay Area rapper Lyrics Born (formerly of the excellent hip-hop group Latyrx), Canadian heartthrobs Great Lake Swimmers, and everybody’s favorite unpronounceable French jazz-metal outfit, MORGBL.

Here’s the full schedule:
Friday, August 26th
    •    5:00 -8:00- International Dinner
    •    5:45 -Ernan Lopez-Nussa(Cuba)
    •    6:45 - MNA Auction
    •    7:15- Grupo Fantasma
    •    8:30 - Cycropia Aerial Dance Theater TBC
Saturday, August 27th
    •    Noon- Kristy Larson honky tonk Trio
    •    1:30 - Tim Eriksen
    •    3:00 - Joel Paterson and The Modern Sounds
    •    4:15 - MNA Auction
    •    5:15 - Josh Harty
    •    6:45- Great Lake Swimmers (Toronto)
    •    9:00 - Lyrics Born (San Francisco)
Sunday, August 28th
    •    9:00 - Jazz Brunch with Sally DeBroux
    •    11:30 - Big Bang String Thing
    •    1:00 - Harmonious Wail
    •    2:00 - Orton Cake Walk
    •    2:30- The Jimmys
    •    3:45 - MNA Auction
    •    5:00- Ernan Lopez-Nussa(Cuba)
    •    6:45 - MORGBL (France/Switzerland)
Orton Park. 1200 Spaight St. Free. More info here.

Songs by Great Lake Swimmers, Lyrics Born, and MORGBL after the jump...

Democracy Convention begins today

Bob La Follette, Wisconsin Progressive Hero
The 2011 Democracy Convention begins today in Madison, with loads of workshops and roundtables and plenary sessions taking place until Sunday at UW campus and the Madison Concourse Hotel. Click here for a full schedule of the events.

From the website:
If you want to strengthen democracy where it matters most -- in our communities, our schools, our workplaces and local economies, our military, our government, our media, our constitution -- you will find something inspiring in Madison this August.
More than one conference, this first Democracy Convention will house at least nine conferences under one roof. As the great progressive reformer Fighting Bob La Follette said, "democracy is a life," and "involves constant struggle" in all sectors of society. With the 2011 Democracy Convention, we recognize the importance of each of these separate democracy struggles, as well as the need to unite them all in a common, deeply rooted, broad based, movement for democracy.
Opening ceremonies and keynote addresses start tonight at 7pm at the Madison Concourse Hotel.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wednesday 8/24: Counter Culture Coffee Public Cupping @ Johnson Public House

(photo via)
Do you love coffee? If so, you should clear some space in tomorrow afternoon's schedule, because some folks from the excellent Counter Culture Coffee will be leading a cupping at the Johnson Public House. If you've never had the pleasure of attending such a happening, a cupping is the ultimate way to experience and compare the aromas and flavors of brewed coffee. While the process will likely be explained as it is performed, you might want to do some homework on what it entails. Looks like we'll be sampling coffees from El Salvador's Finca Santa Elena, Honduras' Finca El Puente, Guatemala's Finca Nueva Armenia, and Counter Culture's seasonal espresso blend Apollo.

You will be warned to not swallow any of the coffee during the cupping — this is sound advice, as the cupped coffee has a particularly high caffeine content. Feel free to scoff at the thought of tweaking on mere spoonfuls of coffee, as I did at my first cupping; I swallowed every other spoonful and was still totally wired over ten hours later. It kind of ruled.

Johnson Public House. 908 East Johnson Street. Complimentary shots of Apollo from 1-2pm, public cupping at 3pm.

Thursday 8/25: "Noise and Resistance" Documentary @ Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative

Russian Anarchists, May 2010 (photo via)
This Thursday evening, the Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative will be showing a new documentary about DIY anarchist/punk culture. Here's all the info:
The Madison premiere of Noise and Resistance, a documentary about contemporary radical DIY culture abroad. Event starts at 7:00 sharp. Suggested donation ($1-10).

Julia Ostertag and Francesca Araiza Andrade's NOISE AND RESISTANCE:
"There are other ways. Commerce, capital, and consumption are by no means irrevocable necessities in today's world. In their angry and rousing documentary "Noise and Resistance," Francesca Araiza Andrad...e and Julia Ostertag show that those who think so are not alone in this opinion. What some would describe as mere din and nuisance, they prove to be a vital articulation of resistance: here punk is neither a passing fad nor a dusted relic from the past but the lively expression of an attitude towards life.

"The directors enter the centres of a vivid and vibrant, a rebellious and self-conscious scene. Be it squatters in Barcelona, anti-fascists in Moscow, Dutch trade unionists, the activists of England's Crass collective, queer trailer park inhabitants in Berlin, or Swedish girl punk bands, their music always expresses a collective self-assertion, a No! set to music whose slogan Do it yourself! has become a strident 21st century 'International.'

"'Noise and Resistance' is an inspiring journey through Europe's contemporary utopia, to subcultural places of desire where unity derives from autonomy along with the best punk sound you've heard for years."

Preceding the documentary, Monty Cantsin presents 16mm shorts from the 3TON Cinema archive, consisting of 'orphan' and 'ephemeral' films from the 1930s-1970s such as educational and industrial material, plus newsreels, rare cartoons, travelogues.

Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative. 426 W. Gilman St. 7pm. $1-$10.

Trailer for Noise and Resistance after the jump...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Thursday 8/25: Release the Sunbird, Blessed Feathers @ East Side Club

Zach Rogue, of Rogue Wave and Release the Sunbird

Release the Sunbird, the softer, sunnier, acoustickier side project of Rogue Wave, a band which is famous on the cruel-hearted internet for sounding a little too much like The Shins, sounds pleasant enough: like maybe a country-influenced Paul Simon if someone flattened his voice through an infinite number of compressor pedals. It's the kind of music you can hear and not realize you're hearing it, but which is pleasing and charmed all the same. I'm assuming their live performance will be a lot easier to connect with than their recordings.

Blessed Feathers I will refrain from pigeon-holing into a genre or easy-band-comparison (my good deed for the day) and will simply say that they have pretty melodies, they sometimes have an accordion, and that they're good. How was that?

East Side Club. 3735 Monona Dr. 18+. $10. 6pm.

Videos of Release the Sunbird and Blessed Feathers below...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

JPH ends interminable "soft opening," adds excellent signage; Julian Lynch has a new music video; Ted Nugent is playing

Johnson Public House finally started accepting credit cards this week, and thus ended its five-month-long "soft opening" period. Celebrations began immediately all over the East Side, with residents cheering and whooping and rushing to the nearest payphones to alert their extended families.

Because, sure, the coffee may be a little expensive at JPH, but doesn't it taste delicious? And don't you love that sweet, wholesome atmosphere? The tasteful, well-designed signage? The Settlers of Catan just chillin' on the bookshelf? I'm being serious now: I love this place. I love almost everything about it. Go there now, and do NOT go to an ATM first.

Julian Lynch
Julian Lynch has a new music video up on Pitchfork TV.

Also: Ted Nugent, a.k.a "The Nuge," is playing tonight at the Overture Center for "the Arts." Say what you will about his regressive politics, this man is a born spectacle and deserves your wealth and adulation.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Isthmus throws party for "Madison's Favorites"

Hopefully the rain will have cleared up in time for The Isthmus's big "Madison's Favorites" party on Fish Hatchery Road this evening, which appears to be an outdoor fair of sorts, including all the kinds of activities one would expect. Cheap beer, frozen bananas, raffles, old people with fanny packs, etc.

Bring the kids, bring the parents, bring the friendly quadruped animals.

Zimbrick Buick Community Room. 1601 W. Beltline Hwy. 6pm-11pm. Tonight. Free.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Dastardly play jangly, loud, foot-stompin' indie folk. I hesitate to use the word bluegrass due to the probably-unfair connotations, but that's definitely the vibe. They're performing tonight at 13. S. Hancock Street w/ Madison's Pioneer, plus Max Elliot, and John Muther: Adventure Music. 8pm. $5.

El Valiente are a mostly-instrumental band in the vein of The Roots of Orchis, Pinback, Explosions in the Sky, etc. Tonight they're at the East Side Club w/ All Tiny Creatures and Squarewave. 7pm. 3735 Monona Dr. $10.

Ladyscissors don't seem to exist on the internet yet, but the word is they're some awesome risque punk. Shane Shane you probably know about. The Shabelles are fun, straight-ahead pop that remind me a little bit of The Feelies. That's all happening at Mickey's Tavern at 10:30pm. Free.

Also: I just couldn't help linking to this non-Madison-related gallery of drawings over at The Rumpus.Wendy McNaughton is the artist. Apparently she went on tour with Thao and Mirah, of K Records fame, and decided to capture the experience with some rad illustrations. Check it out?

Videos of Dastardly, The Shabelles, and El Valiente below....

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Screamin' Cyn Cyn & the Pons (photo via)

Giant People, Tom Teslik, Private Dancer, Tom!Tom!Toms! @ The Frequency. 121 Main Street. 9pm. $5.

Record Jammer Slayron, DJ Tolerance @ Mickey's Tavern. 1524 Williamson Street. 10pm. Free.


Ladyscissors, Shane Shane, The Shabelles @ Mickey's Tavern. 1524 Williamson Street. 10:30pm. Free.

Dastardly, Pioneer, Max Elliott, John Muther: Adventure Music @ 13 S. Hancock St. (House show) 8pm. $5.

El Valiente, All Tiny Creatures, Squarewave @ East Side Club. 3735 Monona Dr. 7pm. $10.


Perverse Engineer, Nimbus, El Valiente, My Empty Phantom @ The Frequency. 121 Main Street. 10pm. $5.

The Mustache, Nama Rupa @ UW Memorial Union Terrace. 800 Langdon Street. 8:30pm. Free.

Movie on the patio @ Mickey's Tavern: Bringing Up Baby. Free.


Ted Nugent @ Overture Center for the Arts. 201 State St. 7:30pm. $35.

Did I miss anything?

The 2nd 1st Annual Rock County Folk Symposium, Sept. 4-5

Julian Lynch (photo via Urban Agrarian)
For the second year in a row, the Rock County Folk Symposium will be happening outside in a field somewhere. This is a sleepover type deal, with tons of bands and party action. Tickets are apparently super limited, so everybody better get on it quick.
Via The Back 40

The 2nd 1st Annual Rock County Folk Symposium 
janesville, wi // sept 4-5

TICKETS (due to the intimate and participatory nature of this event, tickets are EXTREMELY limited and the venue address will only be given to those who purchase tickets in advance)

THE ROCK COUNTY FOLK SYMPOSIUM returns to its home along the beautiful Rock River for round two on Labor Day weekend, September 4th and 5th. After the enthusiastic response to last year’s inaugural event featuring Double Ewes, Anna Vogelzang, Pioneer, Austin Hays and Julian Lynch alongside a bevy of local microbrews, sweet corn, bon fires, fireworks, camping and swimming, the party returns this year with an expanded lineup and all new activities.

Folk in attitude more than sound, the #RCFS continues the tradition of experimenting with the boundaries of the traditional music festival experience by actively reintegrating sound into the natural landscape. Consider it an appreciation of the sonic terroir that shapes the experience of sound.

Along with a number of returning guests and traditions, we have added new participatory activities and experiences to complement the very intimate audience coexistence. This year’s headliner, Group of the Altos, blew us away at the SXWI showcase of Wisconsin artists at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, TX and is a megagroup of epic proportions, measuring twelve (that’s right, 12!) members. They will be featured alongside a still growing list of artists (more than double the number of last year) that include some of last year’s favorites and a lot of fresh new faces.

New this year is the FM Forest, an onsite radio station (bring your own radio!) that will transmit the entirety of the festival and will be DJ’d by hometown hero Julian Lynch. Expect streaming sets, late night parties, early morning ambience and more, carefully constructed to complement the sonic landscape. Speaking of sonic landscape, this year also features an ambient sound and light installation in the woods that will lay host to both extreme chill out sessions and woodland dance parties. All of this alongside, of course, traditional summer yard games, a river casino, a bar, and onsite camping (there are hotel rooms available across the street if you prefer). All of these serve the Back 40’s mission of returning sound to its place in the environment instead of isolated from it.

/Group of the Altos
//Double Ewes
////Anna Vogelzang
/////Julian Lynch (DJ set)
+more to come!
Anyway, sounds like a great time to me. Once again, tickets can be bought here. Sept. 4-5. $15

Check out the trailer, featuring lots of footage from last year's symposium, after the jump...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thursday 8/18: Giant People, Tom Teslik, Private Dancer, Tom!Tom!Toms! @ The Frequency // Legalize It @ Mickey's Tavern w/ Record Jammer Slayron and DJ Tolerance

Giant People
Madison's Giant People play fun, unpretentious, nineties-era indie rock that's easy to get behind, and even easier to move to. Fans of Pavement, Bedhead, Dinosaur Jr., etc.––or anyone really––ought to go check them out. Notably, they're playing with Private Dancer from St. Paul.

The Frequency. 121 Main Street. $5. 9pm.

 Record Jammer Slayron (photo via)
Also happening on Thursday: Record Jammer Slayron (a.k.a. Aaron Coynes from Peaking Lights) and DJ Tolerance will be spinning records all night at Mickey's Tavern (or at least until last call). Hard to say what they'll be playing, but if I had to guess I'd say some vintage dub and soul will be a big part of the line-up.

Mickey's Tavern. 1524 Williamson Street. 10pm-1am. Free.

Tons of audio by Giant People, Private Dancer, and Record Jammer Slayron after the jump...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wednesday 8/17: New Documentary about the Riot Grrl Movement @ Revolution Cycles

Bikini Kill

The documentary is called From the Back of the Room and it's directed by Amy Oden. It's about the last twenty years of feminist punk rock and it features tons of new interviews by notables like Kathleen Hanna from Bikini Kill and Allison Wolfe from Bratmobile.

Oden will also be at the showing to do a Q &A afterward.

Revolution Cycles. 2330 Atwood Avenue. 9pm.

Trailer, plus some other fun vids, after the jump...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Borders on the East side is going out of business, offering 50% off most titles

Now I'm not one to plug big chains, but seeing as how this one doesn't technically exist anymore (it's been bought by liquidators), and that there's some pretty good deals going on there presently, I thought I'd make an exception.

It's in the East Side Mall, if you've never been. Most books are now 50% off, with the notable exception of reference and test-prep books which are only 30% off. I'd normally say wait until the prices get even lower, but it's already starting to feel like a de-militarized zone in there, so it might be wise to go soon.

On the broader topic of why Borders went out of business, there's a good article over at Slate, and if you're feeling a little nostalgic for the place, you might check out Salon's compilation of writers (including Madison-Alumnus Lauren Groff, and personal fave Anthony Doerr) talking about their past experiences with the store.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Paleo is an indie folk artist who got some attention years ago when he was driving around the country and writing a song every day on a tiny red guitar. Lately he seems to have abandoned that somewhat-needling gimmick, taking up a normal-sized guitar and releasing a proper album.

On the reductive-description spectrum, his music lies somewhere between a more cogent Daniel Johnston and a less mystic Devendra Banhart. Mostly he's a smart songwriter who likes to write very simple, very innocent-seeming songs, songs like "Woman, Like Me," and "Let's Be Boring Together." These kind of songs might seem a little cute at first, but they start to work their magic on you soon enough, striking a wonderful combination of funny and sad.

W/ Madison's own Crane Your Swan Neck, Land of Vandals, and The Quota.

High Noon Saloon. 701 E. Washington Ave. 18+. 9:30pm. $6.

Lots of Paleo songs after the jump....

Thursday, August 11, 2011

UW Cinematheque releases Fall 2011 schedule

Rainer Werner Fassbinder's World on a Wire
The UW Cinematheque has released its programming schedule for the fall, and oh boy, does it look awesome. Some highlights from the nineteen-page press release include: a Halloween double feature of Cronenberg's The Brood and Coscarelli's Phantasm; a screening in two parts of Lanzmann's Shoah, a nine-hour document of oral testimonies given by survivors, bystanders, and perpetrators of the Holocaust; a screening of Fassbinder's anomalous sci-fi flick, World on a Wire; and every film in the Contemporary Taiwanese Classics series.

Notably, there will be two screening locations in addition to the Vilas Hall theater: the Marquee Theater at Union South and the auditorium at the Chazen Museum of Art. As the press release explains, the "primary goal with these alternate locations is to encourage our growing audiences to think of the Cinematheque less as a place to see the finest offerings from our international film heritage, and more as a way of seeing these same films." Hopefully we'll be able to bring snacks and drinks into the Marquee Theater, at least — but probably not. For some reason, I just can't imagine watching Dante's Gremlins without sipping some soda pop, even with the director introducing the film himself.



The German Art Students, Dirty Dancing, and Sparklefuck @ Mickey's Tavern. 1524 Williamson St. 10:30 pm. Free.

Control, The Demix, Man Mantis, and Fambly Fun! @ The Frequency. 121 W. Main St. 21+. 9:30pm. $5.


Paleo, Crane Your Swan Neck @ High Noon Saloon. 701 E. Washington Ave. 18+. 9:30pm. $6.

Screamin' Cyn Cyn and The Pons, The Hussy, Dharmonic Deluxe, and Futebol @ Revolution Cycles. 2330 Atwood Ave. 9:30 pm. Free.

Ari Herstand, Dan Rodriguez, and Will Knox @ The Frequency. 121 W. Main St. 18+. 9pm. $10.


Sensuous Enemy, The Light Asylum @ The Frequency.10pm. 121 W. Main St. 18+. $5.

Free Store @ the parking lot of Nature’s Bakery, 1019 Williamson St., noon to 4 p.m.


Polkadot Cadaver, Lords of Discipline, Burn the Ideas @High Noon Saloon. 701 E. Washington Ave. 9pm. 18+. $10.

Free Store @ the parking lot of Nature’s Bakery, 1019 Williamson St., noon to 4 p.m.

TL;DR, Pretty Good Dance Moves @ The Frequency. 8:30 PM. 121 W. Main St. $5.

Did I miss anything?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Spiked Punch
Spiked Punch, according to the facebook event page for this show,  are "7-piece white boy reggae... bud heavy.... raised on a steady diet of pool parties, birthday parties and luaus." A part of me wonders whether those Hawaiian shorts are for real, or if it's some heady next-level irony at work. They're from Austin, so who knows.

I Love You
I Love You are solid electro goth-pop in the vein of a sedate Depeche Mode, but with some nice African-influenced polyrhythms going on, and some horns.

IRKUTSK have a fun, riot-girl feel to their vocals, along with a bank of catchy keyboard phrases and a rhythm section made for rocking. From Lincoln, Nebraska.

402 East Washington Avenue. 7pm. Free.

Music and videos of all the bands below....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

RECALL today, at least in some areas

Lots of great info about it here. Call all your buddies, this shit is real.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Scammers hail from Kansas City and play crooning goth-pop with heavy synths and slightly lethargic, though refreshingly intelligible vocals. Actually they kind of remind of The Magnetic Fields, except spookier and with better beats.

Madison’s own Problem Child play house music for the postmodern caveman, blending Atari bleeps with a stripped-down, no-laptops-allowed drum and bass. They're for dancing.

Cannibal Girls may or may not have changed their name to Blighted Gardens. They sound like crunchy, droney noise, the kind that’s endlessly layered and looped and textured, occasionally haunted by sexy saxaphones and distant, adolescent plaints.

817 E. Johnson. Music starts at 7:30pm (seriously! 7:30!). $5.

Videos and music below...

Gov. Walker Overwhelmingly Booed at Wisconsin State Fair

Friday, August 5, 2011

Saturday 8/6: Clothing and Record Swap @ Good Style Shop

From the Good Style Shop's facebook page:


Just $2 to participate in the swap!
The store will be open as normal, too.


Any vintage item in good repair should be dropped off at the
counter! Good Style Mavens (Pete, Phoebe and Claire) will go through
your pile and give you ONE ticket for ONE item.

If the item can't be swapped, we'll gladly donate the stuff for you!
Unticketed items can also be put into the FREE BOX! We'll play nice.


We've got some far out vintage realness up for swapping. If you've
run out of tickets and would like to simply purchase things up for
swap... each rack will have a single price per item. Nothing over $10.
Other store items and fitting rooms in the back!


Everybody's going to be here. This is going to be a freak meet market.
DJs DOWN PAYMENT spinning donk '80s Miami beats
RORY KANE comeback SPECIAL (relive 2009 all over again)


First FIVE to ARRIVE get 1 extra ticket.
Tickets are valid for ONE DAY ONLY!
10% of total revenue will be donated to Webster Street Fire Victims.
Feedback encouraged!
402 East Washington. 11am-7pm. $2.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thurs 8/4, Fri 8/5, Sat 8/6: Emo Phillips @ Comedy Club on State St.

Emo Phillips is something of a veteran of absurdist comedy. He’s cited as a big influence on a number of great comics, including Mitch Hedberg. He has the weirdest, slowest timing in the world, and his voice and mannerisms sort of remind me of Tiny Tim.

He’s playing all weekend at the Comedy Club on State Street. $5-$16. Click here for more info.

Videos of his stand-up, classic and new, after the jump...

Friday 8/5: Bitchin Bajas, Samantha Glass @ Mickey's Tavern

Bitchin Bajas
Chicago's Bitchin Bajas is a one-man homage to the kosmische musik of the 1970s. If you like synthesizers and reel-to-reel tape loops, this solo project of Cave's Cooper Crane is not to be missed.

Madison's own Samantha Glass is a two-dude (a "dude-o," if you will) project constructing textural dronescapes from guitars, keyboards, radios, etc.

This show is setup so as to not overlap with the Iceage show, so bike over to Mickey's when your business at the Project Lodge is done!

1524 Williamson Street. 10:30pm. Free.

Music after the jump...


Bombay Sweets are a duo from Minneapolis with a heavy Suicide influence. Lots of analog delay, crazy pedals, soulful pop vocals, etc. They're great.

The Hussy play dirty garage grunge rock with lots of pop hooks, and are headlining this show. Everybody come on out.

1524 Williamson Street. 10:30pm. Free.

Tons of videos below...


"Blooming Butterflies" on display at Olbrich Gardens through Aug.7. $5.
(photo via)


MC Hammer, Tone Loc @ Wisconsin State Fair. $15-$35. Click here for directions and ticketing info.

Bombay Sweets, The Hussy, Lonesome Savages, Dharma Dogs @ Mickey’s Tavern. 8pm. Free.

The _______-Shaped Reading Series presents the poetry of: Connie Deanovich, Maureen Seaton @ Avol Bookstore (315 W. Gorham). 7pm. Free.

Paul Dempsey @ UW Memorial Union Terrace. 9:30pm. Free.

Emo Phillips @ Comedy Club on State. 8:30pm. $6-$15


Iceage, Deep Shit, Pleasure Leftists @ Project Lodge (817 E. Johnson). 8:30-11pm. $8. (Click here for previous post.)

Bitchin Bajas, Samantha Glass @ Mickey’s Tavern. 10:30pm. Free.

Fences, Mansions @ High Noon Saloon. 18+. 9pm. $10.

Emo Phillips @ Comedy Club on State. 8pm, 10:30pm. $6-$15 


Icarus Himself, Sat. Night Duets @Project Lodge (817 E. Johnson). 8:30pm-10:30pm. $5.

Clothing & Music Swap @ Good Style Shop (420 E. Washington Ave). 11am-7pm. $2.

A Minute Jack Forum, Orphan Bloom, Polydactyl, Hey, Alright! @ The Frequency. 9pm. $5

Emo Phillips @ Comedy Club on State. 8pm, 10:30pm. $6-$15 

Did I miss anything?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thursday 8/4: MC Hammer, Tone Loc @ Wisconsin State Fair

MC Hammer, age 49

That's right! He's back!

Plus that gravelly-voiced guy from Ace Ventura is the opening act! How is this not on CNN right now?

7:30pm. Main Stage. Click here for directions and ticketing info. Price is $15-$35.

And no, I couldn't resist posting a bunch of old music videos after the jump...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Blake Thomas
Blake Thomas is a folk singer whose music sometimes straddles the line between beauty and cheese. He's got kind of an Eddie Vedder thing mixed in with his Townes Van Zandt, if you know what I mean.

But for those of you who are able to repress your aesthetic conditioning, you may be surprised to find yourself moved by some of these sad, perfect little songs. I don't know, maybe I'm getting old or something.

Mickey's Tavern. 1524 Williamson St. 10pm. Free.

Videos of Blake Thomas and audio of opening act Dietrich Gosser after the jump...

Monday, August 1, 2011


Daniel Tosh with a fan
So this guy who's on Comedy Central is doing stand-up at the Overture Center. But at $42.50 per ticket, I don't know, I'll probably stay home and reorganize my refrigerator or something.

You can go, though! Really! No one's judging you!

201 State Street. 7pm. $42.50.