Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We’re Still Here

Hey folks. To everyone who’s emailed to complain of the infrequent posts this winter, all I can say is that December was an absurdly bad month for the Madison Yeah team, one filled with sickness, death, and applications to graduate school. The good news is we’re still here, and that we didn’t really miss much: the whole city has been more or less hibernating, if you haven’t noticed.

A couple links that were probably more relevant a few weeks ago: The AV Club made a pretty sweet list of the best Madison records of 2011, then they made another list of the best Madison records that weren’t good enough to make their other list. Also, local show-organizer-guy Patrick Ritt made a list of his favorite records of 2011 (irrespective of geographical location).

Yep, and, uh, let’s see....

Peaking Lights premiered a video directed by Cam Archer, featuring a cute but way-too-hip-looking little girl:

Other stuff happened, too. The Packers lost. The Badgers lost. We’re recalling our governor. There is not nearly enough snow on the ground right now. Got any tips for stuff to do in January? Drop us a line.

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