Thursday, February 2, 2012

Saturday 2/4: Radar Eyes & Bad Omens @ Der Rathskeller

Radar Eyes are a garage/psych band from Chicago. In the past, their sound has traveled from reverb-drenched garage punk on their demo tape to C86 style pop on last year's excellent "Miracle" 7". On the eve of releasing their self-titled debut on Hozac Records, Radar Eyes' sound has shifted again, carrying an unabashed Spacemen 3 influence. There's really nothing wrong with evoking the same moods as the classics, and a re-listen to Spacemen 3's "The Perfect Prescription" should ensure you that this influence is a pretty good banner for Radar Eyes to carry.

Chances are good that Radar Eyes will let loose live, especially after a performance by Madison/Milwaukee's Bad Omens. Bad Omens is a 4-piece "garage/doom band" consisting of both of the members of the Hussy and a dude from the Catholic Boys/Sugar Stems/Sticks N Stones. I can't find any music from the band online, but if you know the Hussy, you know not to miss this show.

This show is Saturday, February 4 at Der Rathskeller in the Memorial Union. It's open to everyone, starts at 9:30pm and is FREE. No excuses!

Some Radar Eyes-related content below...

Radar Eyes "Accident" live

Radar Eyes "Miracle"

Radar Eyes "Disconnection"

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  1. Hell yeah! These guys ripped it up at the Frequency last year, it was awesome.