Thursday, March 8, 2012

Friday 3/9 Lower Dens + guests @ Der Ratherskeller

Lower Dens was the first live show I attended in Madison, back in August 2010 at the now successfully funded Project Lodge. The 4-piece, notably featuring Jana Hunter, was then touring under their excellent debut LP, "Twin-Hand Movement," which felt (and still feels) far more weathered, potent and above all essential than most of their peers' debut albums. The myriad of shimmering guitar interplay and smoky vocals lent itself well to the band's slow-burn approach. The songs on "Twin-Hand Movement" are roomy and inviting, making it perfect for slow mornings and late nights, a gateway to ease in and out of consciousness.

With that in mind, Lower Dens are making their return in 2012 with the fittingly titled new LP, "Nootropics." The first taste of the album, "Brains," picks up where "Twin-Hand Movement" left off. Its minimal krautrock patter propels the song through waves of radiant guitar, the vocals carrying a melody atop the washes of synthesizer to a chilling climax. It's a remarkable high point in Lower Dens' limited but strong discography, a very enticing appetizer for the new full-length. At this point, it's clear that Lower Dens are the real deal, a band you should absolutely be paying attention to if you weren't before.

Friday night is your chance to see how Lower Dens' live performance can work you into a heightened consciousness for the low, low price of free. Don't mess this one up.

Yellow Ostrich, Grace Weber and 1,2,3 open for Lower Dens this Friday, March 9, at Der Rathskeller in the Memorial Union. The fun begins at 9:30pm. This event is free and open to the public.

Some Lower Dens content after the jump...
Lower Dens "Brains"

Lower Dens "Hospice Gates"

Lower Dens "Deer Knives" & "Tea Lights"

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