Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday 4/19: Wet Hair @ Mickey's Tavern

Iowa City's Wet Hair will be blazing their midwest-flavored krautrock at Mickey's Tavern tonight. These dudes run the Night People label and used to be in the excellent Raccoo-oo-oon. They have stepped up their game from being a groovy noise rock band in order to make their music a little more pop-oriented, with great results.

Of course, you should allow the music to help you decide whether or not you'll head over to check it out. Here's the music video for "Echo Lady" (off the album In Vogue Spirit on De Stijl):

Tonight, alongside dj sets by the Legalize It crew. Mickey's Tavern. 1524 Williamson Street. 10pm. Free. 21+.

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