Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wednesday 6/27: Problem Child, Golden Donna, Rory Kane, Party Whips @ Memorial Union Terrace

Rory Kane (via)
Last summer was the first time I saw a Rory Kane performance, and it caught me completely off-guard. It was Lauden's birthday party (Lauden is 1/2 of Problem Child), and I was still recovering from the horrific variation of the stomach flu that was getting passed around Madison at the time. After realizing my mistake in drinking beer, I was trying to bee-line my way to the front door but was stopped in the kitchen — something was about to happen. The lights were turned off, and a dude in a golden cape began singing some "swagged out" auto-tuned r&b. At first I was just politely smiling, as I had no idea who this guy was or why this goofy act was a big deal.  Someone informed me that this was a rare surprise appearance by Rory Kane, a side project of one of the synth players in Zola Jesus. Setting aside my prejudices against auto-tuning, I realized that this guy is a lot of fun. And it didn't stop there: everyone in the sweaty kitchen just about lost it when Rory Kane was joined by none other than Golden Donna, forming the playfully sex-charged Party Whips. I stayed for the rest of the set, and danced the gastroenteritis away.

Thankfully I'm not sick this time around, and hopefully you aren't either. While Madison is used to seeing these acts play house shows, it's pretty exciting to see them play on the terrace. Check it out.

Wednesday night. Memorial Union Terrace. 8pm. All ages. Free.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Monday 6/25: Jurassic Park @ Memorial Union Terrace

Jeff Goldblum, hunk, from Jurassic Park
Situations in the last year of my life involving Jurassic Park:
  1. I was at my parents' house, it was a Saturday night, and it was on TV.
  2. I had a strange one-night-stand in which we started to watch Jurassic Park but midway through I fell asleep (I hadn't made a move by that point if you were curious). I wake up two-plus hours later and see Laura Dern and Sam Neill excavating bones in Wyoming again. I look over and she's asleep. We wake up in the morning and watch it again, nothing comes of it. 
  3. I made the picture of Jeff Goldbum (above) my computer background. One of my students asked if he was my boyfriend.
  4. Whenever I watch Seinfeld, Newman, is always Dennis Nedry, the creepy IT guy in Jurassic Park. There are nerds, on the internet, who have theories involving a sort of "Wayne Knight" continuity in which all of his characters are the same person, with of course Jurassic Park at the end.
  5. Saw it again last month, still afraid of the velociraptors. 
  6. Lost my keys yesterday inside a copy of the Jurassic Park: The Board Game at St. Vinnys. The game was nothing like the movie.
So go make your own Jurassic Park memories, Monday night, 9 PM, Memorial Union Terrace. FREE.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday 6/15: Les Blank's Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe, Chicken Real @ MMoCA

In the third installment of the MMoCA's rooftop cinema series, two of Les Blank's 16mm films will be screened.  As you would expect, Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe (1980) features the famous director cooking his shoes (at the Chez Panisse with the help of Alice Waters!) and then eating them.  Why?  Well, when Errol Morris was a grad student at Berkeley, Herzog promised to eat his shoe if Morris would finish making Gates of Heaven and show it in a public theater.  Who knew Herzog was such a man of his word?

The second film is Chicken Real (1970), which according to Blank's website is "a surrealistic (and often hilarious) look at a large-scale chicken farm that produces 156 million chickens a year! Lots of chicken songs."

Tonight. Madison Museum of Contemporary Art's rooftop. 227 State Street. 9:30pm. Free to MMoCA members, $7 for the general public.  

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday 6/14: Jaill @ Exclusive Company

Milwaukee's JAILL will be playing a free in-store this evening at the Exclusive Company on State Street in support of Traps, their third album (second on Sub Pop) which just dropped Tuesday.  It's a fantastic 33 minutes of psych pop; check it out below!  If you like what you hear, you should come down to the free show and pick up a copy after seeing them play it live.

This evening at the Exclusive Company. 508 State Street. 6pm. Free. All ages.

Stream the full album and watch more videos after the jump!

Friday, June 8, 2012

UW Cinematheque Announces Summer 2012 Schedule

Ulrich Köhler's Sleeping Sickness
UW Cinematheque has just released this summer's film schedule, and it's amazing. Throughout July and the beginning of August, there will be screenings almost every Wednesday and Thursday evening in Vilas Hall, while on Friday nights the Cinematheque is teaming up with WUD Film to present "The '60s In Scope" in the Union South's Marquee Theater.

The season kicks off with Żuławski's haunting Possession (1981, a controversial "video nasty"); features such classics as Nichols' The Graduate (1967, oh Mrs. Robinson!) and LeRoy's Little Caesar (1931, gangster noir); and, as is typical of the Cinematheque's impeccable programming, will include some of the best contemporary international films around, like Köhler's Sleeping Sickness (2011). 

Thank you Jim Healy and everyone else on the team for putting this together.

Friday 6/8: Royal Headache, Heavy Times, Lonesome Savages @ Union Terrace

Royal Headache (via)
Australian jangly/sloppy power-pop-punk outfit Royal Headache is playing a free show tonight at the Memorial Terrace. NPR featured their self-titled debut on the First Listen series, and I really like the description made by "Doug Schulte" in the comments:
 Fun stuff- sounds like soul by way of The Jam by way of Guided by Voices. Must make for a great live show!
It really hits the nail on the head. Check out the video for their single "Girls":

Also playing are Chicago's Heavy Times and Madison's Lonesome Savages.

TONIGHT! UW Memorial Terrace. 800 Langdon St. 9:30pm. Free. All ages.

More videos after the jump.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Friday 6/8: Euphony: ∆AIMON, I††, Preteen Pornstar, Channel 4Four, Textbreak @ High Noon Saloon

The High Noon Saloon is hosting a return to the internet microtrends of spring and summer of 2011 with a night of what would be best, albeit derogatorily to some, described as "witchhouse" featuring ∆AIMON and I†† hosted by the Madison-based label Pale Noir. Los Angeles duo ∆AIMON is more on the industrial side of witchouse, delivering the expected abrasive synths and dirgy vocals. Their new EP, FLATLINER, was one of the most exciting releases of the past few months. Kentucky husband and wife duo  I††, is extremely prolific making them hard to pin down but they have a lo-fi drone that could be the leitmotif to a based horror film villain.

Also playing is LA collective Preteen Pornstar with Madison's own Channel 4Four, and Ohio DJ, Textbreak. It is encouraging to see these sorts of internet trends extend from SoundCloud and into the real world. Should be rad.

High Noon Saloon, Friday 9PM $5 21+.

More videos, including a promo for the show, after the jump.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday 6/3: Second Family Band, Spires That In The Sunset Rise, Million Brazilians, Schafer & Shanahan Duo @ Dragonfly Lounge

Second Family Band (via)
Madison's freak folk collective Second Family Band (formerly the Davenport Family) will be making a rare public appearance at the Dragonfly tonight.  Their performances are known to "typically include varying combinations of drums and other percussion, guitars, vocals, synthesizers, piano, organs, violins, flutes, electronics, sound sculpture, field recordings, more synths, sitar, sticks, rocks, and stones." Hey, you could make a bingo board with each space corresponding to a different member playing some sort of instrument, and play along! Or you could just hang out and enjoy the vibes.

Also playing will be Portland's Million Brazilians (self-described "dungeon jazz," i.e., Silver Daggers but with less prog-skronk), Chicago's Spires That In The Sunset Rise (excellent psych folk, check out the video below), and a collaboration between Troy Schafer And Joel Shanahan (playing violin and synthesizer, respectively).

TONIGHT. Dragonfly Lounge. 401 East Washington Avenue. 9:30pm. $5. 21+.

More live videos after the jump.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday 6/2: Ami Dang, Problem Child, Drunjus, DJ Evan Woodward @ Project Lodge

Ami Dang (via)
Amrita "Ami" Kaur Dang is a vocalist, sitarist, and composer/producer from Baltimore, MD and New Delhi, India. She's a member of the Wham City collective and is bringing her fresh "Bollywave" tunes to the Project Lodge this evening. I thought the genre name was a little goofy until I checked out her music:

Madison's own lo-fi techno-pop vhs-aficionados Problem Child and minimalist drone nerds Drunjus will be opening, and DJ Evan Woodward will be playing records between sets.

TONIGHT. Project Lodge. 817 East Johnson. 8pm. Probably $5. All ages.