Sunday, June 24, 2012

Monday 6/25: Jurassic Park @ Memorial Union Terrace

Jeff Goldblum, hunk, from Jurassic Park
Situations in the last year of my life involving Jurassic Park:
  1. I was at my parents' house, it was a Saturday night, and it was on TV.
  2. I had a strange one-night-stand in which we started to watch Jurassic Park but midway through I fell asleep (I hadn't made a move by that point if you were curious). I wake up two-plus hours later and see Laura Dern and Sam Neill excavating bones in Wyoming again. I look over and she's asleep. We wake up in the morning and watch it again, nothing comes of it. 
  3. I made the picture of Jeff Goldbum (above) my computer background. One of my students asked if he was my boyfriend.
  4. Whenever I watch Seinfeld, Newman, is always Dennis Nedry, the creepy IT guy in Jurassic Park. There are nerds, on the internet, who have theories involving a sort of "Wayne Knight" continuity in which all of his characters are the same person, with of course Jurassic Park at the end.
  5. Saw it again last month, still afraid of the velociraptors. 
  6. Lost my keys yesterday inside a copy of the Jurassic Park: The Board Game at St. Vinnys. The game was nothing like the movie.
So go make your own Jurassic Park memories, Monday night, 9 PM, Memorial Union Terrace. FREE.

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  1. For one, I'm jealous that you've played Jurassic Park: the Board Game. I can't believe I've never had that opportunity.
    For two: yeah, how is it that no matter how old I get or how many times I see it, those raptors are still terrifying.

    I'd also like to note that those dinosaurs look more real than anything CGI has given us as of late.