Friday, June 8, 2012

UW Cinematheque Announces Summer 2012 Schedule

Ulrich Köhler's Sleeping Sickness
UW Cinematheque has just released this summer's film schedule, and it's amazing. Throughout July and the beginning of August, there will be screenings almost every Wednesday and Thursday evening in Vilas Hall, while on Friday nights the Cinematheque is teaming up with WUD Film to present "The '60s In Scope" in the Union South's Marquee Theater.

The season kicks off with Żuławski's haunting Possession (1981, a controversial "video nasty"); features such classics as Nichols' The Graduate (1967, oh Mrs. Robinson!) and LeRoy's Little Caesar (1931, gangster noir); and, as is typical of the Cinematheque's impeccable programming, will include some of the best contemporary international films around, like Köhler's Sleeping Sickness (2011). 

Thank you Jim Healy and everyone else on the team for putting this together.

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