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Thursday 7/5 - Sunday 7/8: Lost City Music Festival

Over seventy bands will be playing in Madison this week as a part of the Lost City Music Festival. About forty of the acts are from the isthmus, while the majority of the rest are from Wisconsin, and there are about fifteen touring acts from outside of the state. You can pay five bucks per show, but it's only TEN DOLLARS for a nice rubber bracelet which will get you into any of the shows. The four-day festival starts on Thursday evening, and will take place in six different venues within walking distance of each other: the Project Lodge, the Rigby Pub & Grill, the High Noon Saloon, the Good Style Shop, Full of Bull Roast Beef, the Dragonfly Lounge, and Audio of the Arts. Shows at the Project Lodge, Good Style Shop, Full of Bull, and Audio of the Arts are all ages, while shows at the bars are 21+.

The organizers — John Kruse, Ben Cameron, Corey Murphy, and Tom Teslik — view this as the successor of the Forward Music Festival, though their approach is quite different in ways that may help them avoid the pitfalls that come with organizing such a massive program.  The most interesting difference is that there are no headliners, which makes the festival more egalitarian by not highlighting any particular performance. While big name headliners are typically used as a draw, the lack of such an event emphasizes the fact that this festival is really about discovering local music.

The second biggest difference — certainly related to the lack of a headliner — is that this festival is not-for-profit. All proceeds are being donated to three awesome local non-profits: Madison Music Makers, the Madison Area Music Association, and the Girls Rock Camp Madison.  According to the Lost City website, "that means your paid admission will make a direct impact on the youth of Madison, continuing the tradition of local music giving back to the community.  Proceeds given to Madison Music Makers and the Madison Area Music Association will help provide music equipment and supplies, and proceeds given to Girls Rock Camp Madison will help provide scholarships to kids who can not afford to attend otherwise." So rad. All of the bands are volunteering to play, which massively cuts down on the financial cost of organizing a festival.  The organizers have been using their own funds, while Murfie's sponsorship has allowed them to drop the price of the all-access wristband. Even if you're uninterested in checking out this compact cross-section of the local music community, this is a festival that everyone should support.

Personally, I'm most excited to see Absolutely on Saturday at the Project Lodge. This Milwaukee three piece plays fantastic post-hardcore à la Unwound, and I've been impatiently waiting to see them since I first heard their album Learns to Love Mistakes. Since this is their only Madison show this summer, I'll be getting my money's worth. Check out the full schedule at the Lost City website, which has links to recordings of every band, and you'll surely find at least one act to get excited about.

Thursday, July 5th:

@ the Project Lodge (817 East Johnson Street, All Ages)
5:00 PM – Croaker (MADISON)
6:00 PM – FMLY Fest Round Robin:
—– Emily Reo (BROOKLYN)
—– Little Spoon (ROCHESTER)
—– Cuddle Formation (NYC)
—– Cameron Rath (LOS ANGELES)
—– Jack Littman (LOS ANGELES)
—– Vacation Dad (EAU CLAIRE)
8:00 PM – Bell Monks (MADISON)
9:00 PM – Animals In Human Attire (MILWAUKEE)

@ the Rigby (119 East Main Street, 21+)
7:00 PM – Super Hot Lava (MILWAUKEE)
8:00 PM – Sketch Tha Cataclysm (WATERBURY, CT)
9:00 PM – Airhythmatic (MILWAUKEE)
10:00 PM – Safari Al (MILWAUKEE)
10:30 PM – Hyphon (LA CROSSE)
11:00 PM – Kyle & Keem (MADISON)
12:00 AM – Festival Launch Night Dance Party

@ the High Noon Saloon (701 East Washington Avenue, 21+)
9:00 PM – The Cost of Living (STEVENS POINT)
10:00 PM – Daniel & the Lion (MADISON)
11:00 PM – Crane Your Swan Neck (MADISON)
12:00 AM – Mutts (CHICAGO)
1:00 AM – Sleepy Lesbos (MADISON)

@ Full of Bull (605 East Washington Avenue, All Ages)
6:00 PM – Tom Teslik (MADISON)
7:00 PM – Myles Coyne (MILWAUKEE)
8:00 PM – Ben Schapiro (MADISON)
9:00 PM – Ugly Brothers (MILWAUKEE + MADISON)

Friday, July 6th:

@ the Project Lodge (817 East Johnson Street, All Ages)
5:00 PM – Alta (MILWAUKEE)
6:00 PM – Echo Island (MADISON)
7:00 PM – Eskimeaux (NEW YORK CITY)
8:00 PM – Double Ewes (SOUTHERN WISCONSIN)
9:00 PM – Treefort (MADISON)
10:00 PM – Br’er (PHILADELPHIA)

@ the Rigby (119 East Main Street, 21+)
7:00 PM – Cassidy DW (MILWAUKEE)
8:00 PM – El Valiente (MADISON)
9:00 PM – Michael Armstrong (MADISON)
10:00 PM – The New Years Gang (MADISON)
11:00 PM – Dharma Dogs (MADISON)
12:00 AM – Aktar Aktar (CHICAGO)

@ the High Noon Saloon (701 East Washington Avenue, 21+)
9:00 PM – William Z. Villain (MADISON)
10:00 PM – Cribshitter (MADISON)
11:00 PM – Coo Woo (MILWAUKEE)
12:00 AM – Fort Wilson Riot (MINNEAPOLIS)
1:00 AM – Pushmi-Pullyu (MADISON)

@ the Dragonfly Lounge (401 East Washington Street, 21+)
9:00 PM – Withershins (CHAMPAIGN)
10:00 PM – Temple (MILWAUKEE + MADISON)
11:00 PM – Automagik (CINCINNATI)
12:00 AM – Poney (WAUSAU + MADISON)
1:00 AM – Kitty Rhombus (MINNEAPOLIS + MADISON)

@ Audio For The Arts (7 South Blair Street, All Ages)
8:00 PM – Siblings (MADISON)
9:00 PM – Watercourse Quartet (MADISON)
10:00 PM – Glacier (MADISON + OMAHA + ANN ARBOR)

Saturday, July 7th:

@ the Project Lodge (817 East Johnson Street, All Ages)
5:00 PM – The Sharrows (MADISON)
6:00 PM – Absolutely (MILWAUKEE)
7:00 PM – Joint set featuring:
—– Noxroy (MADISON)
—– Golden Donna (MADISON)
—– Fibrous Blonde (MADISON)
8:00 PM – Sister Crystals (CHICAGO)
9:00 PM – Lovely Socialite (MADISON)
10:00 PM – The Cemetery Improvement Society (MADISON)

@ the Rigby (119 East Main Street, 21+)
7:00 PM – All These Runners (MILWAUKEE)
8:00 PM – Porcupine (LA CROSSE)
9:00 PM – Conveyor (BROOKLYN)
10:00 PM – Giant People (MADISON)
11:00 PM – Ferdinand the Bull (MADISON)
12:00 AM – Sat. Nite Duets (MILWAUKEE)

@ the Good Style Shop (402 East Washington Avenue, All Ages)
6:00 PM – Luke Polipnick (MADISON)
6:45 PM – The Brothers Grimm (MADISON)
7:30 PM – Troy Schafer (MADISON)

@ Full of Bull (605 East Washington Avenue, All Ages)
6:00 PM – Sampēa & The Lady Strangers (MADISON)
7:00 PM – Robert Weiss (MILWAUKEE)
8:00 PM – Jamie Yanda (MADISON)
9:00 PM – Ben Knollenberg (MADISON)

Sunday, July 8th:

@ check the twitter?
?:?? ?? – Jamie Yanda (MADISON)
?:?? ?? – Ben Schapiro (MADISON)
?:?? ?? – Ugly Brothers (MILWAUKEE + MADISON)
?:?? ?? – Tom Teslik (MADISON)
?:?? ?? – Joey Molinaro (BROOKLYN)
?:?? ?? – Valerie Kuehne (BROOKLYN)

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