Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday 9/28: A Haircut, Warsaw Vices, Bike Cops, The Lurk Hards @ Freewheel Bikes

A Haircut (via: @toddgaron)
There are too many great shows in Madison this weekend! Tonight in particular, there are four worthwhile shows going on around town. There's the Boy Dirt Car show at Dragonfly Lounge (401 East Washington Avenue, 10pm, $5, 21+) with Lens, Golden Donna, and Maths Balance Volumes. Milwaukee's Boy Dirt Car is an industrial noise band featuring members of Die Kreuzen who've recently reassembled after a lengthy hiatus that began in the late '80s. There's the Mission to Burma show at the High Noon Saloon (701 East Washington Avenue, 9:30pm, $18, 18+) with Madison's Bes Monde and Minneapolis's Pink Mink. Word on the street is that Burma will be playing all the hits, including "That's When I Reach For My Revolver". There's the free indie folk show at the Memorial Terrace (800 Langdon Street, 9:30pm, free, all ages) featuring Chicago's Dastardly, Madison's Pioneer, and Houston's Buxton.

At the top of my list is the awesome show at Freewheel Bikes. Warsaw Vices are from Chicago and play catchy, drunk power pop. Bike Cops are also from Chicago and play jangly surf pop (it's a little slow, which you'd expect since it's from the coast of Lake Michigan rather than the coast of the Pacific). Madison's The Lurk Hards are skater folks playing old-timey tunes. Our friends A Haircut will be topping it all off with their lo-fi two-piece basement punk.

Here's a sneak preview of A Haircut's "Mother" from an upcoming split cassette:

Freewheel Community Bike Shop. 1804 South Park Street #5. 8pm. $5. All ages.

Go to at least one of these shows tonight and have a great time!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday 9/17: Fielded, Problem Child, The Wets @ Mickey's Tavern

Fielded (via)
Fielded is the solo electronic project of Lindsay Powell, vocalist for Chicago's now-defunct prog band Ga'an. Her music is often described as dark pop gospel. Sure, these are tags that get thrown around a lot these days for a lot of music projects, but check it out: her music is so good that her 2010 debut full-length Terrageist was Catholic Tapes' first LP release. Tiny Mixtapes describes Fielded as "a project that falls somewhere between Björk and Glasser in being both mystical and vocally-propelled," while Catholic Tapes describes it as "somewhere between Kate Bush played backwards in a haunted cathedral and Annie Lennox blasted on top of a mountain."

Problem Child is Madison's premier audio-visual lo-fi electronic act. They've been playing shows regularly for years in this town and the Isthmus finally wrote a paragraph about them in the latest issue. I have no idea why these two dudes aren't playing massive electronic festivals in Europe yet. Now that they have a new tape out, perhaps that will happen soon. In the meantime, you should come get sweaty while dancing to their homegrown pop techno tonight.

The Wets are a minimalist rock band. No effects pedals or guitar solos are welcome. We are currently working on a cassette and a split 7" with A Haircut.

Tonight! Mickey's Tavern. 1524 Williamson Street. 10pm. Free. 21+.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Friday 9/14: Daisies @ UW Cinematheque

A fresh 35mm print of Věra Chytilová's Daisies will be screened this Friday evening at the Cinematheque. Released in 1966, it is one of the most anarchic (and certainly the most feminist) of the Czechoslovak New Wave. Here's the review of Daisies that Amos Vogel wrote in his legendary Film as a Subversive Art
The Czech film renaissance — subsequently killed by the Russians — here celebrates one of its largest surprises: a mad, surreal comedy about two irresponsible girls living a life of anarchic freedom and individualism in total disregard of society; an amazing subversion of years of ossified "socialist realism".

Visually and structurally perhaps the most sensational film of the Czech film renaissance, this is a mad, stylish, dadaist comedy, long banned by the censors. It is an orgy of spectacular visual delights, sensuous decor, and magnificent color experiments, making a philosophical statement in the guise of a grotesque farce. Two dizzy young girls, bored and without any values, knowing neither past nor future, stumble through a bizarre series of change pick-ups, wild adventures, eating orgies, and pie-throwing acts. Below the exaggeration, sarcasm, and exuberance lurks a serious comment on a fraudulent style of life, played as a game in which protagonists become victims. No work from the East has ever been further removed from the drab sterility of so-called "socialist realism". The stunning photography is by Jaroslav Kucera and the script by Ester Krumbachova, whose contributions to almost all major Czech films of the period denote her key role.

Personally, I think that it's the most exciting and coolest film we'll get to see all year, but that's because it's one of my favorite movies. Do yourself a favor and go check it out. If you can't make it, you're still in luck, because every other film that the Cinematheque is screening this semester is also amazing.

UW Cinematheque. 821 University Avenue. 4022 Vilas Hall. 7pm. Free.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday 9/8: Trin Tran, Stacian, Cannibal Girls @ Mickey's Tavern

Trin Tran (photo: Jon Behm)
Trin Tran is the solo project of Steve Coombs, and tonight is the record release show for his "new" album Dark Radar, out now on Ty Segall's new Drag City-imprint God?. The album allegedly consists of songs that he recorded in 2002/2003 but were only ever released on cdr and passed out at shows. Some of these songs came out on a rare 2003 7" split with Coachwhips, but I don't think any of them appeared on the elusive 2007 album Grows a Rose

If you've lived in Madison for a while now, you've probably already seen this beast of a spastic one-man art-punk band, but if not, here's some history. Back in the 1990s, Steve Coombs played drums with Dave Broekema and Eric Landmark in Xerobot, a Madison no wave band. They moved to San Francisco in 1999, but after a year Coombs moved back to Madison and started Trin Tran, while Broekema and Landmark started the dance punk band Numbers with Indra Dunis (who eventually moved to Madison and started Peaking Lights). Trin Tran has been playing shows here and there over the years but is apparently hard to get in touch with and is somewhat shrouded in mystery, though with this new album that may finally change. So now you know. This guy is great, and so is his music.

Also playing is the Milwaukee dark wave lady solo act Stacian and the Madison guitar drone usually-solo act Cannibal Girls. Ian Adcock will be spinning some weirdo records out of his massive collection between sets. This show is going to RULE.

Tonight! Mickey's Tavern. 1524 Williamson Street. 10pm. Free. 21+.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday 9/6: Mount Eerie @ UW-Madison Music Hall

 Phil Elverum / Mount Eerie / The Microphones (via)
I once saw Phil Elverum perform as Mount Eerie some five or six years ago in the chapel of my alma mater at midnight on Halloween. He insisted that he play with the lights off — so I have no idea what his visual stage presence is like — but I can say that his musical presence is absolutely beautiful. He stood in the aisle between rows of students sitting on old wooden pews, and allowed his voice to explore the acoustics of the room while occasionally strumming his guitar or ruffling someone's hair. I still get the chills just thinking about it.

He's playing tonight in the UW-Madison Music Hall, so I'm looking forward to seeing — or at least hearing! — him once again in an intimate space. It's going to be great.

Chicago's Cains & Abels will be opening.

UW-Madison Music Hall. 455 N. Park Street. 925 Bascom Mall. 9pm. Free. All ages.

Listen to a few tracks from this year's Clear Moon and Ocean Roar below.