Thursday, November 8, 2012

Friday 11/9: Tyvek with the Lonesome Savages @ Good Style Shop

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Madison is in for a treat on Friday, November 9 when Detroit's finest export Tyvek graces the Good Style Shop. By way of introduction: Tyvek is the project of Kevin Boyer and a rotating cast of musicians, a project too smart to be garage rock and too weird to be punk, but taking cues from both genres. Tyvek really found their footing with 2010's Nothing Fits, a sneering exposé on the reduction in the quality of life seen across the States at the time. It was a perfect document of the times, angry but wry, standing up and yelling at a time when other artists hid behind reverb and mumbled about VHS tapes or something.

Fast forward two years and the band drops the On Triple Beams LP, yet another essential document of living in squalor, in a society succumbing to its own decadence, and feeling like you can't do anything about it. This time around the band plays with restraint and repetition and it works in spades, giving us catchy scream-alongs ("Say Yeah," "Wayne County Roads") and songs that play the same chords until they crack ("Scaling," "Efficiency"). It's Tyvek's best record to date, and it's gonna be really fun to catch them at the top of their game.

Tyvek plays Friday, November 9 at the newly renovated Good Style Shop (817 E. Johnson Street) at 9pm. Bring $5 for the touring band. Madison's own Lonesome Savages will open, and there will be intermittent DJ sets by local celebrities Joel and Lauden.

Some videos from Tyvek and the Lonesome Savages can be found after the jump...

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